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We bridge the gap between where you are and where your potential says you can be, whether you're an individual or a company. Our in-house experts and vetted industry partners work together to bring exponential value to our clients, to companies, and to industries.


Celebrity & Luxury Real Estate
Based in Beverly Hills and part of the tech-driven, real estate firm Compass, The Nartey Group prides themselves on offering a dedicated, distinguished and discrete approach to buying and selling luxury real estate With true global reach and years of experience & expertise, the team is quickly becoming the first stop for luxury home buyers and sellers.


Consulting, Branding, Incubation
Fight Qlub is a powerful network of proven business executives, brand managers and creative professionals that exists to ensure the success and rapid growth of startups and small businesses. Many in the network work for top brands and firms, and participate in Fight Qlub because they're passionate about their respective industries...and have more to give. 


Digital Lifestyle Magazine
Sellebrity is the bi-monthly digital publication of The Sports & Entertainment Society, and is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. The magazine exists to augment the lifestyle of real estate professionals, sports & entertainment industry representatives and luxury brand ambassadors who service professional athlete and entertainer clientele. 

Each issue highlights opportunities, best practices and the challenges of serving the athlete/entertainer market, including premium lifestyle content and elite luxury properties.


By Kofi Nartey, MBA
In Sellebrity, business leader Kofi Nartey gives you the script on how to build and grow a successful clientele of athletes and entertainers. Whether you are a real estate professional, financial advisor, attorney, business coach, personal trainer, insurance rep, pet sitter or any other professional service provider, if you want to break into selling to and serving the sports and entertainment niche, Sellebrity gives you the successful game plan.

The Nartey Sports Foundation

Kofi and his wife Mimi launched the Nartey Sports Foundation, with a goal of helping underserved youth reach their potential through sports. Funds are raised through their numerous business ventures, personal relationships, and events, to support numerous sports based initiatives. 

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